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520 Park Avenue, Idaho Falls, ID 83402



We Think Green

Falls Printing is continually striving to be environmentally aware and responsible, while at the same time producing a quality printed product.

We have gone from producing film negatives for every job, to a direct-to-plate system. This allows us to eliminate not only the film material, but the chemicals used to develop the film. We print on a variety of recycled paper stock, up to 100% PC.

We urge our clients to design their products to best utilize the press sheet so there is minimal paper waste. Any paper waste is recycled.

Two new state-of-the-art Atlas Copco oil-free air filtration units have been installed for the well being of our workers and clients who visit our facility.

The inks we use are all non-toxic and comply with national and international standards. Our process inks are low VOC, and the backbone oil for these inks is vegetable oil, primarily linseed and soy.